We get asked a lot about where we source our wood. Typically it’s from people like you. 

Maybe you’re looking to have a structure removed from your property or maybe you just have some boards laying around. Whether it’s a barn, a home, an old deck, a dusty pile of lumber, a farm house or an old business down the street, chances are we’re interested in it. Maybe we’re just like you in that we hate to see it go to waste.

It doesn’t have to be old to be cool. Whether it’s twenty or two hundred years old we’ll find use for it. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good back story but sometimes it’s enough to just be salvaged locally and re-purposed; it’s a good turn and keeps the story going. We’ve reused flooring from homes and gymnasiums, floor joists, ceiling joists, stair treads, bleachers, decks, siding, trim, etc… the point is that it’s local; it once stood here and now you’re giving us the opportunity to add to its story and remake it into something else

We typically don’t buy our wood. We are recyclers. Our aim is to salvage material before it goes to the landfill, gets burned or is just left to rot which as you can imagine happens often. We don’t come out with heavy demolition equipment, knock a building down in a day and whisk it away to the landfill. Our process is much slower; we do it board by board. It takes time and usually several trips, but our goal is to preserve the material so that we can reuse it. Salvaging a building is hard work. The business relationship we build with you is an even exchange - our labor in exchange for the wood. Understanding that it may be an easier and quicker solution to burn it, we’d certainly prefer you give us a shot at it. 

A building complete with drywall, masonry, doors, windows and everything else that goes along with it may require the demo people to come in, but we can still be part of the process. Right now cities and counties are doing very little if anything to salvage material from homes or businesses slated for demolition - It all just goes to the landfill. We can do a lot even if we’re given just 24 hours. If you are aware of a structure in your hometown that’s going to be demolished, let us know about it. Maybe we can preserve a little local history and save taxpayers a nickel from fees taken at the landfill.

If you have some boards or a pile of lumber sitting around that you’d like to see put to use, tell us about it. We’ll come and get it if it’s something we can work with and you’re not too many miles from us. Some people just load the pickup truck or trailer and haul it to our place. Just give us a call and let us know what we’re in for so we can make arrangements. We have two places where you can drop lumber off - one in Hurricane and one in Charleston. We generally aren’t breaking down old furniture or things like that, so please don’t bring the old piano, lol.


If you have some wood you’d like to drop off, a pile of lumber you want us to pick up or a building you’d like us to look at for deconstruction, let us know about it by sending us an email to You can also call or send a text to the shop at 304-982-9078. Any photos can really help us understand what the job might entail.

We’ll let you take it from here. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take something old, remake it into something new and keep the story going.


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